Social Events

Pock Runners at the Brass Monkey

Pock Runners Presentation Night 2010....

Follow this link for long awaited pics from 2010's presentation night at the Golf Club at Allerthorpe

Pock Runners at the Brass Monkey

Pock Runners Presentation Night 2009....

A good time was had by all at Allerthorpe Golf Club for the Club's annual presentation night. Really well done to everyone who took home trophies....and well done to everyone for some novel dance moves. Take a look at a few photos.

If you want a second look at the photo presentation, follow this link, but be patient as it's a pretty big file.



Warwick's 40th Birthday

Some party goers enjoy an orange juice or two

A whole heap of Pock Runners had a right nice time at Warwick's 40th birthday BBQ on 2 August. It didn't rain and no one got food poisoning. Oh..... and everyone had a great time. Result.

Take a look here.




Pock Runners BBQ 2008

Alan and Rod

Everyone had a great time this year at the Pocklington Runners annual BBQ. Follow this link to see some photos courtesy of Stephen Worth.











Yippee....what's happening in Pocklington???

Pock  Runners discuss the apalling  state of their social lives

Well....what's on the average hectic Pocklington Runner's social calendar at the moment?

....hmmmm - that would be nothing then.

There was a nice dinner after Snake Lane and there'll doubtless be a lovely barbeque in the Summer but, between now and then, there's a great fat void of nothingness leading to probably becoming total social outcasts. If something doesn't happen soon, club members will start turning agrophobic and too scared to go out and compete. What will happen then? They'll probably only ever be able to run on treadmills in their garages. The club will fall apart.

If you don't want the above to happen and are keen to save the club from complete social embarassment, please put your suggestions for a wild night out forward.....other club members will doubtless be eternally grateful for the opportunity to get out.

Remember when we used to have a good time....

Simon and Ken Tom and Kath Tom and Alan Rocky and Val Alan  and Susie Dave and Kerry Kath and a  close personal friend Tom Louise and Linda Toni, Gaynor and Sarah

With your help, we can get this back.

Just one phone call with a simple suggestion for a night out could drastically change so many people's lives. Please find it within you to assist the plight of these people.