Training Sessions

Pocklington runners now hold various informal and formal training sessions throughout the week. The official day to meet up and run is every Wednesday night around 6.30 with the aim of setting off at 6.45pm.

Pock Runners at Beverley

Distances vary and speeds vary but you will find a group to suit you so you can choose to do anything from 3 slow miles to 12 faster and anything inbetween, the choice is yours.

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the country and it takes no time to get into the Wolds and some fantastic terrain, and during the Summer, you can take advantage of some of this amazing scenery.

During the Winter, a 10k town route is used each week (which can be extended to more if you want a longer run).

The first Wednesday of every month during the Summer, runners meet at Thixendale at around 6.30pm, go for a run and then stay for dinner and a pint at the local pub, the Cross Keys.

The overall weekly training opportunities are as follows:-


Session Type

What it's all about....

Who's running it?


6.30pm at Mile End Road
Tempo Session Very intensive 10k run at maximum pace. It's a killer but does you the world of good. During the Summer this follows a route out of town and up through Millington. During the Winter, a route around Pocklington is used. This session is led by Simon Richardson, but generally, faster runners come along and pace more slow runners around the course. Simon
Simon Richardson

6.30pm at Pocklington Rugby Club, Burnby Lane

Weekly Group Run ANY NEW MEMBERS SHOULD COME ALONG TO THIS RUN BEFORE GOING TO ANY OF THE OTHERS. Find a group to run with and get to know some of the other club members. Relax at the clubhouse afterwards with a cup of tea and a biscuit...or the bar's open too if you feel the need for something stronger. Alan
Alan Kendra

6.30pm at Francis Scaife Leisure Centre
Speed/Hill Work Led by Simon Richardson, this is another tough session for those who want to push themselves just a little bit more. You'll be doing a tough 45 mins of hill/speedwork....and prepare for it to hurt! Simon


9am at Pocklington Rugby Club, Burnby Lane

Group Run This is for runners of all abilities....where faster runners tend to run on but then wait for the slower ones every so often. Setting off at 9am from the Rugby Club, they head out into the countryside usually for a run of around 10 miles. Contact Alan Kendra for further info. Alan

During the Winter months, remember to wear a luminous vest/jacket, although the club has some spares if you forget.